Rolling With The Punches

Rolling With The Punches

It is true that the demands of the ego
are much greater
than what the gods
can provide,

but then
there just isn’t enough hell
to go around

and at some point
peace arrives,

though not as a reward
or a respite
but simply because
humans are tireless creatures
who have no choice but to fight
as the gods come swinging
with left hooks
and right jabs,
soul-sucking jobs,
two-timing lovers,
car accidents,
sick cats,
sick dogs,
failed marriages,
taxes, rent,
bills, taxes,
bad acid trips,
flooded basements,
flooded engines,
empty religions,
empty refrigerators,
kidney stones,
bladder stones,
madness, bodily pain,
alienation, amputation,
three-day rainstorms,
three-day hangovers,
stolen shoes,
stale beer,
blood on a white blouse,
dust in a burnt lung…

and in the end
it is not the humans
but the gods
who take a break.


Ryan Dowling